Welcome to my college media video classes blog. You can view my other classes via rgsphotographyanddesign.weebly.com.

I am a student finishing my multi media degree. I have studied graphic design, illustration, photography and now video. My specialty is photography. I began with film photography, shooting racing and exotic cars. My focus was clearly defined then. No landscapes, portraits (well, except for racing drivers), or cats. Having embraced digital no subject is safe, even cats. Film was an excellent grounding in the basics.

Now, with video, I get to put it in motion, and set it to music. I grew up on moving images, television, movies. It’s part of my personal culture.

I aim to engage, entertain, and enlighten (and enjoy myself along the way).

Please visit my other blog, wildrovertravels.com, where I practice Travelography with my dog, Sam, as he and I wander (and ponder) life.

© Rebecca Sherman / My dog Sam