2 Shot

A 2-shot is exactly that, a shot that shows 2 people. It can explain a relationship between people, as in this shot where Bob Boekelheide, leader of the Dungeness River Audubon Center Wednesday bird watchers, points out a bird to the group.

Emblematic Shot

An emblematic shot communicates an idea by showing connections between visual elements. I think anyone looking at this would immediately get the idea of ‘Bird Watchers’, without necessarily being told.

Abstract Shot

An abstract shot is not representative of reality, communicating through color, shape, texture or form. Here the form of the Dungeness River is distorted using effects in Premiere Pro. I have slowed it down, used a Twirl effect and a filter called Find Edges. I love the sound of the water flowing over the rocks, and the gentle s-curve of the branch in the upper right corner.