© 2017 RG Sherman / Monorail reflection in MoPop

Our Media 145 video class is taking a field trip to the Seattle Museum of Popular Culture. Designed by famous architect Frank O. Gehry, the museum is the creation of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. It’s previous name is the Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Hall of Fame, later just, EMP. It has been called one of the ten ugliest buildings in the world (Forbes).

It is home to an array of memorabilia, art and inter-active exhibits encompassing movies, music, sport, fashion and art. The intent is to showcase how creative arts are very much a part of our daily lives.

The aspect I will enjoy the most are the science fiction exhibits. An immersive exhibit celebrates the 50 year anniversary of the Star Trek franchise. I was a child when Star Trek first appeared on television. My father wouldn’t let me watch it because it was on late and too adult. So, I saw it in reruns. When my local TV station threatened to cancel it’s run of the show, I was bereft. I got a petition together asking the station to keep the show on the air, and canvassed my neighborhood collecting signatures. I don’t know if it worked, but the show stayed on. (As an aside, the custom framing shop I work in just framed the Spock ears Zacary Quinto wore in the last Star Trek movie).

Our assignment this week is to do a storyboard for a 60 second video that we will shoot of our trip. I’m not set on the particulars, it all depends on what I shoot, of course. Being a photographer/videographer I look forward to a variety of interesting subjects. I love color, and science fiction, and the museum provides plenty of both.

Mopop storyboard

PS I’m not much of a storyboarder. I draw pictures only if you put a gun to my head, but I do like to hand draw little squares and fill them with ideas, some of which actually come to realization.