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Rebecca Groves
Media 145/Directing and Production
Story Proposal

Crusaders of the Lost Bark
A three minute featurette about a dog who barks for joy every morning, inspiring all who hear it to have a good day. One morning, the bark is not heard. Where did it go?

An inspirational story about joy and self confidence. I can’t explain the self confidence allusion without giving away the secret.

Background and Need
An inspiring tale about joy and believing in oneself. The pervasive use of social media provides more avenues for bullying. Young people are ever more vulnerable to destructive and negative images and words. Studies show that over use of social media can lead to depression and loss of self esteem. This video addresses those topics, providing an inspirational solution.

Approach, Form and Style
A combination of photography and illustration. Fantasy and reality intermingle in striking colorful images. People are often more easily approached and susceptible to ideas when animal/nature images are used. While having preconceived notions about people, these are often suspended when presented with natural world images, thus providing an opening for the insemination of ideas.

Shoot and edit: $5,000.

Audience, Marketing and Distribution
People of all ages. Pixar and other animation studios have shown that not only kids appreciate animation. Development into book form.

Photographer and Videographer with an emphasis on Olympic Peninsula, using animals and nature to inspire people to a better life. Twenty years experience in photography, plus a two year degree in Multi Media Communications.