© 2017 RG Sherman / Audubon Center bird watching on Railroad Bridge.

Rebecca Groves
Media 145/Directing and Production
Non-Profit Proposal

Dungeness River Audubon Center at Railroad Bridge Park
A three minute documentary highlighting how this center serves the community.

The Audubon Society has benefited wild life in America for over a century via conservation and restoration of habitat, beginning with a focus on water birds. The local chapter in Sequim provides education and research about local wildlife and habitat, a place for hikes along the Dungeness river and a connection with the Olympic Discovery Trail (ODT). It is located at River Bridge Park, where a rare wooden trestle railway bridge over the river is a local landmark.

© 2017 RG Sherman / Railroad Bridge

Background and Need
The loss of millions of waterbirds to the millinery trade in the 1800s led Harriet Hemenway and Mina Hall to found the Massachusetts Audubon Society in 1896. Several years later many other state Audubon Societies had been established. By 1900, these state organizations banded together in a national group, establishing the first national wildlife refuge in the US.

Much has been done to increase awareness and protect our home, Earth. However, animal and bird populations continue to be under threat. The understanding of the inter-connectedness of life teaches us that this threat can come home to roost for humans, too.

Through the establishment of sanctuaries, educational centers, scientific studies of populations and habitat and enactment of laws, Audubon has done much to preserve our natural environment.

Approach, Form and Style
Casual, beautiful, informative. I want this video to do justice to the beautiful paintings Audubon created himself. Via interviews of staff and visitors, I will show the interweaving threads of community support this center provides by being a nexus for trails along the ODT and Dungeness River, educator about local wildlife and habitat, engager of the community through participatory events.

Shoot and edit: $2,500

Audience, Marketing and Distribution
Audience is anyone interested in traveling the Olympic Peninsula, learning about the local wildlife and habitat, hiking along the Dungeness River and ODT, or specifically the Audubon society and bird watching. Marketing will include my blog and social media. Video could be released on a DVD or digital format, as a commercial for television, online, or at the center for visitors to view, and provided to local establishments and Chamber of Commerce.

Photographer and Videographer with an emphasis on Olympic Peninsula, using animals and nature to inspire people to a better life. Twenty years experience in photography, plus a two year Associates Degree in Multi Media Communication.