Geri and Olive

The assignment is to do a storytelling video. This is the first in a series I propose for my blog

My initial brief proposal was set out in a January 25 assignment, ‘Storytelling Video and Brainstorming’:

My storytelling project is about a woman whose son took his own life. Her dog saved her life, she feels. This will be the first installment in the series I am doing on my blog,, called “Good Dogs Doing Good”. It is about dogs doing good things in the world. I will interview and tell the stories of different people and their dogs. Such as therapy dogs, police dogs, etc.

The instructions for that assignment were that the video should be at least three minutes but under ten.

If you’ve been following me at all, you will know by now that I don’t always do a script or storyboard, and that is true for this video. My process for this video was to view the footage and note in a spiral notebook each sequence, with time markers, as to what is said or seen, indicating which sequences are to be considered:


I put selected sequences on the timeline in Premiere Pro and work with it from there. Since it is not a story in the traditional sense, it may not be immediately apparent that there is the usual introduction, conflict / problem, and resolution.

However, I do think the video does have an introduction, where we learn of the situation, then we hear about how Geri dealt with it (and still deals with it) via introspection and being positive, and at the end a summing up or conclusion, where she speaks of how this experience is a life lesson for her.

Oh yes, and we see Olive’s smiling face.

I will be posting the final version on

And, yep, Mr. Sammy is included.