This assignment was to chose a verb and a color palette to use as inspiration for a 15 second video. Credits to come at the end.

I chose the verb ‘appreciate’, corresponding with blue and gold tones. I wanted the colors to come naturally from the images, with no assistance from Premiere Pro.

Also, to post a story board and notes, which I decided not to do.

My notes and storyboard start out neat, however, by the end of the process they aren’t, without anyone able to make sense out of them, except me. I do begin with little squares on a page that are a basic structure of my vision; after that it’s a free for all as ideas ebb and flow. The real process happens on the timeline, especially after the music is decided.

I always think I should re-do the notes in a tidy fashion, but that wouldn’t really represent the process.

It’s interesting to ponder where ideas come from. Sometimes I think the idea has found me, instead of vice versa. And it’s my job to get it out there.

I’m several seconds over my allotted time. Plus, I needed 10 cuts and I have at most 9. Dynamic camera movement was requested also. Too many cuts and angles made it jumpy, plus 15 seconds didn’t seem like enough. However, I brought it in as close to the requirements as suited the vision.

The idea of appreciation came to me, in blue and gold, probably because those are happy, inspired and spiritual colors. The word ‘good’ representing a positive, grateful way of looking at things.

Mr. Sammy has a good life. And he knows it. Do you?

©RG Sherman