In Creativity in Motion, Part 1, our assignment was to showcase motion graphics from three films or videos.

Our assignment here was to create five ten second videos using various basic video techniques in combination with different concepts. I love storytelling and relished the challenge to tell a story in ten seconds. My dog, Sam, graciously agreed to demonstrate.

Zooming and Panning

Demonstrating basic zooming and panning of a still shot, popularly known as the “Ken Burns” effect, along with the concept of Memories. Sam has many pleasant beach memories.


This assignment was to use a Bokeh effect in combination with the concept of Dreaming. Bokeh is the blurring of light effects in the background. This is a bastardization of that effect, as the lights aren’t blurred as much as usual for bokeh. I loved the starry look of the shimmering light though, and let it be.

Lens Flare

Combine lens flare with Wonder. I used a real lens flare, rather than manufacture an artificial one.

Color Pass

Color Pass is a technique whereby a single color is introduced into the video. We were to use our color choice to convey emotion.

A 5 lb cat stopping an 80 lb dog is a demonstration of amazing wizarding power. No dog wants to risk a face shredding from such an awesome foe.

A very emotional situation indeed.

Time Lapse

Combine Creativity with Time Lapse. I’ve been using my dog, Sam, in each video, for a sense of cohesiveness. How does a dog display creativity?

Turns out, Sam is a pretty creative guy and knows how to spell his name. The music by Moby scores the frenetic pace perfectly.

I had to learn new skills to do this. Wasn’t sure if I could pull it off. Using Adobe Premiere Pro I utilized cropping, blending modes, stacking and reverse speed. I’m two seconds over, though.