Well. The construction of this video underwent many of it’s own transformations. First, I had several other ideas that involved being outdoors. Our recent snow storm changed that. What to do?

Then, I thought of this image I did in an advanced Photoshop class:


One of the great transformations in legend and film, the werewolf. This model, Jon Kortajarena, had the perfect face for this transition.

The format, however, is vertical and on a dark to black background. When I initially uploaded it and saw it on the youtube default black background I realized I had to change it. Couldn’t figure out how to get a white background, so I put a frame around it. All in all, I had to make many adjustments and corrections to the image, requiring me to redo the fifty plus frames each time.

And what better audio than Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata? One of my favorite pieces of music.

It also gave me another idea. Do it full face, as this is cropped on either side, and in reverse. Call it “Dog Dreams”. A wolf dreaming of becoming a man.