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The assignment this week is to define transition or transformation, and begin creating pre-production for a sixty second video about it.

At this point I don’t know what I will do. Additional time is needed to conjure up an idea. The above composite might hold a clue.

Is transition different from transformation? I believe it is. A transition is a change from one condition to another. It can be auditory, as in a musical transition. It can be visual, as in moving from one scene in a movie to the next. It could be in your life, moving from one place to another, or a job to another job.

Transitions are happening all the time. It could be called change. Sometimes we can control transition, as in moving to a new house, buying a new car. Sometimes we can’t. A tornado just wiped out your house. Resistance to this change, railing against fate, causes untold suffering. Transitions can lead to transformation.

Transformation implies a change in form. Nelson Mandela while in prison realized what forgiveness means. This transformed his nature and outlook on life. You win millions in the lotto. This isn’t just a transition, but a complete transformation of your life.

The latin, ‘trans’, means a crossing, going beyond, across. A form of traveling, so to speak. Traveling from one place to another, whether physically or figuratively.

The election of a political leader is a transition. If that leader inaugurates a completely different way of doing things, that could result in transformation.