Our assignment: create a thirty second video, including credits, using audio to demonstrate a sensory experience.

One of the senses listed was hunger or lust. You could add desire, wanting, coveting, craving. From there, it isn’t a long journey to addiction.

What does addiction sound like? Many ideas came to mind, of images and sounds. The thirty second time limit pared it down.

Addiction is ultimately isolating. It throws you up against the wall. Hence, the word addiction at the beginning on a grainy wall. My background choice changed from a stark black to the dark marble. I wanted to keep the background free of fussiness. Thus, the cigarette being smoked against a simple backdrop of a window with blinds drawn. Darkness.

Ritual plays a big part in addiction, such as rolling a cigarette. In religious ceremonies it is used to focus the mind and prepare it for the trans-formative experience of faith, belief. With addiction the belief is that what you are doing will result in a transformation from one state to another, resulting in some kind of relief. It could be the morning coffee, afternoon diet soda, porn, shopping, checking social media. The list is endless.

However, it never lasts. And must be replenished. Endlessly. Like a clock ticking away the moments of your life.

Here is a version with an additional scene of crying. Wanted something to convey the suffering addiction often entails:

Below are my script and storyboard. They’re a hot mess. Ideas considered and rejected, tumbling out on top of each other. I don’t do a traditional storyboard or script. Just grab a note paper, draw some squares, get a sense of where I’m going, and head on down the path.

notes storyboard-script