For this assignment I am doing a two column script scene study. I chose the club scene from ‘John Wick’, starring Keanu Reeves. I think the coordination of action to music is excellent, and this particular scene is noted for that. The club scene rivals that of the one in Michael Mann’s ‘Collateral’, starring Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx.

The lead up to the particular sequence I am looking at is a few minutes of Wick entering the downstairs of a nightclub, The Red Circle, looking for his quarry. The music is somewhat low key. He finds his target in a hot tub. Target escapes upstairs into the night club proper.

The sequence I’m focusing on begins at 2:35. The music intensifies, beat increases and has an increased edge to it, paralleling the desperate attempt to escape by Wick’s quarry. It combines with a great visual of a red circle spiraling on a screen behind Wick. For the next sixty seconds the chase becomes more intense as Wick encounters more assailants and the beat increases with it.

club-scene-1 Target enters club, music becomes ‘psychedelic’, and is forefront.

club-scene-2 Tempo increases.

club-scene-3 Continues.

club-scene-4 Spiraling circle matches the mood of the music.

club-scene-5 Continuing the desperate escape. Background noise had become audible. Target says something to bodyguard about Wick being here.

club-scene-7 Shots fired in a pause of the music.

club-scene-6 More shots.

Dialog that bodyguards realize Wick is in the building.

club-scene-8  “He’s here!” The music shifts.

club-scene-12 Now the music really gets going…

club-scene-11 …as Wick fights more and more assailants.

club-scene-10 Background audio has come to the forefront, along with the music.

club-scene-13 We get a pause in sound level, then music picks up again.

For me, audio is just as important as the visuals, especially music. I notice if the music is wrong, inappropriate or cheap. This movie does a great job of matching audio to visuals.

I also think silence can be considered an aspect of audio. Some movies speak, when they should remain silent.