It was fun and challenging to make this video. I had to go up to strangers, asking them if they wanted to walk with Sam. I wanted a diverse group of walkers. The concept was to have a progression from high up in a remote region, in this case Hurricane Ridge, down to urban areas with more people. Eventually, Sam wound up indoors!

After Hurricane Ridge we progressed downward through woods and past streams. I went to the upper Dungeness trail head for this sequence. My vision was to find some hunters to walk with Sam. We walked and walked along the trail, gathering our footage. As we readied our selves to leave, three hunters appeared, coming down off the trail. I was shy about approaching them.

They were a bit suspicious as I approached them. I gave them my spiel. They agreed, and off we went. They did a perfect job walking, and we got it in one take.

I wanted a group of athletes, and the PC women’s basketball team complied. I love the sequence of them walking with their basketballs across the pirate face on the gym floor. I especially like the fact that the word ‘Elite’, printed on one of the balls, shows to the camera.

I was also determined to get the Port Angeles PD K9 unit on board. They were very cooperative. Sgt Kevin Miller, who has been training K9 units for over twenty years was friendly, open and informative. He spent over an hour with Sam and me.

There were a few rules in walking with Bodie, his K9. Bodie is a three year old Malanois. A K9 needs to be energetic and ‘ball’ oriented. Bodie was indeed that. Though totally into that ball, Bodie didn’t move a muscle unless allowed to.

First rule, Bodie and Sam could not greet like most dogs do when meeting each other. No sniffing or getting close. Second, Bodie couldn’t wear his police vest. This would’ve indicated to him that he was working, and working, for Bodie, is serious business. Third, Bodie had to start walking first, and fourth, be ahead of Sam.

Poor Sam. His status was very much reduced with Bodie. Bodie is an Alpha and must remain so. We respected that.

I gave Sam much love to make up for the loss in status. Especially since his status reduction happened in front of me, and at my behest.

Getting three goats to walk on leashes together was a challenge. Made many attempts and this was the only usable footage.

Scout, our cat at the end, was, well, a cat. You know how that goes. Her walking along the log, and jumping across was a lucky break. I was grateful.