As talked about in the previous Rock Finding Transmedia Campaign post, I hid our rocks around Sequim. In that post I provided clues as to their whereabouts. I wanted to make it somewhat challenging to find them. One reason was because I didn’t want anyone finding them before I did our planned Sequim Rocks facebook page post.

I did the facebook post the Thursday evening before the First Friday Art Walk in Sequim.

painted rocks transmedia post.jpg

Then Elaine did her post on the Port Angeles Rock facebook page. As you can see, she had an interesting response from someone who identified her rock from my facebook post.

painted rocks transmedia.jpg

I’ll keep checking the facebook pages to see if anyone finds the rocks. If it proves too challenging, I’ll go back and re-hide them in an easier to find spot. Or, maybe I’ll ‘find’ someone to find the rocks.

Rock on!