My mission was to find three hiding places for our mother rock and three companion rocks.


I’m preparing a facebook post for the Sequim Rocks page. I will show these rocks, and four images, each a clue, not too obvious, as to hiding place.




As you see, there are only three images. I haven’t decided on where to hide the mother rock. At first I didn’t want to part with the mother. I thought I’d keep her. I’d become attached. But, I realize she needs to go off into hiding, along with her companions.

She needs a very special place to hide.

The cupcakes. An idea put forth by team mate Elaine. I went in and asked if they were part of the Art Walk. They showed me this flyer:


Our venerable instructor, artist Renne Brock Richmond, will be at the shop!

I have an idea to take some beautiful photographs of the cakes, print them, and go to the shop on Friday for the Art Walk and Renne’s appearance. I will present these images to the shop owners.

Who knows? Maybe they will like them enough to think of me when they need promotional photographs!

Meanwhile, I am composing a post for facebook, to include these images with a little text. I am also going to do a full on blog post on about this campaign, with images and a little video of Sam and me as we went around to all these places.

Turns out, I enjoy this rock painting, hiding and finding business! I’m thinking of continuing on with it, and maybe promote myself in the bargain.