Rough cut of first sequence. I’m going to slow down the initial few seconds so we see the sun longer.

For me, the music is crucial in establishing mood and pacing, and is as important to me as the visuals. I use

Specifically for this video I chose Latino by Disen Gage.

The idea is a series of sequences of Sam walking, and as the music tempo picks up pace the settings become more urban and others join in.

Starting in the remote mountains, moving down, through woods, maybe along a river, moving into more populated settings for about 3 sequences. Each sequence is roughly 10 to 20 seconds. The sequences change along with changes in music tempo.

My friends miniature goats will appear along a road that encompasses sweeping views of farmland and mountains.

Two dogs come into frame along a path along the Travis spit, near John Wayne Marina.

Neighborhood walking with kids.

I’d like to get the ducks at Carrie Blake Park to participate.

I’ve got Halloween footage on the streets of Port Angeles.

I’d like to get footage of a bunch of chickens, geese and hens flitting around Sam as he walks.

At the end, looking out from the edge of a mountain at a sunset or waters edge.

Title: Life is a path. Walk it.

Alternate: Walking. Good for every body.

I’ve accumulated a lot of video footage that I sorting through, and a number of still shots.