Initially I had a very clear image in my mind of what I wanted to do for this video. Sam and I, sitting on the beach at the Pacific ocean, in beach chairs. I envisioned us sitting side by side, and Sam reaching out to affectionately put his paw on my arm, which he always does.

Except when we actually went to the beach to shoot the video, whereupon he didn’t. Put his paw on my arm.

I drove 3 hours, booked an overnight cabin, spent two days. No paw action.

What is it they say in the movie business about working with dogs and kids? Right.

Upon our return I quickly went out to shoot more video. Had more inspiration. Used none of that either. Except…it gave me an idea for a sequence of stills to compile into a video. All this came together yesterday.

It took longer than I thought it would. Seriously overestimated my remembrance of how to create a video. But I got it figured out.

I envisioned it as an advert for my blog. It ran a little long as I lingered on the credits. I wanted to be sure and give folks time to read the name of the blog address. I kept the timing of the shots kinda fast, so maybe people would be tempted to replay it. Lingered on a few shots, zoomed in on the last one.

I used one of my favorite tunes. It is appropriately entitled, Pine Marten Traveling Song. Catchy and upbeat. Kind of a Calypso feel, staccato, which went with the quick still shots.

A sample storyboard format was provided:


This is a bit too left brain for me. My storyboards look more like this:


I had about 38 images to use. The sequence was clear. No need to detail each frame. I knew what I wanted to do.

At first, I thought I’d just transcribe my storyboard into the provided form. Then I asked myself, Why? This is how I do it. Always. With little squares and lots of scribbles. In pencil. Erasable.

I have an idea to do a blog post about this creative process. Because being creative is about being Yourself, and not fearing to put it out there.