Working title: Walking for Health


Walking for health with my dog Sam.

I will video and photograph walks locally and around the Olympic Peninsula with Sam.

Background and Need

As obesity approaches critical levels today actions one can take to enhance health and well being are more important than ever. It has been conclusively proven that walking just 30 minutes a day is a great way to increase physical and mental well being. And for your dog too! A dog can be a great motivator for getting much needed exercise and fresh air. Do it for your best friend and yourself!

Approach, Form and Style

Informative, casual and fun. Video from my dog’s POV, in addition to mine, using a variety of camera angles. I seek to include other dogs, of different shapes and sizes, to add different perspectives and a sense of fun (imagine tiny little chihuahua legs).

I will include informative graphics and audio from Michelle Obama speaking on obesity, then progress to footage of Sam and I around the peninsula, and footage of additional dogs.

Still photos showing the beautiful landscape of the Olympic Peninsula.


Video/Photography: 40 hrs x $200/hr = $8,000
Travel expenses (gas & possible lodging): $1,000
Post Production Editing: 20 hrs x $100/hr = $2000
Total = $11,000
(Footage will be shared between PSA, Original Story and Mini Documentary shooting).

Audience, Marketing and Distribution

Audience is any one interested in health and exercise for themselves, and their dog, (but dog ownership not required); and/or outdoor activities around the Olympic Peninsula, especially dog friendly.

Marketing will include my blog and social media. Video could be released on a DVD or digital format.


Photographer and long time visitor to and resident of the Olympic Peninsula with familiarity of places to go walking by yourself or with your dog. Multimedia student at Peninsula College.