Working title: Walking the Olympic Peninsula


Video and photography of walks locally and around the Olympic Peninsula with Sam, highlighting the beauty of the Peninsula and the outstanding walks available.

Background and Need

The Olympic Peninsula is a UNESCO World Heriatge Site and biosphere. It has the longest undeveloped coast in the contiguous US, is home to critically endangered species, 11 major river systems drain the Olympic mountains providing outstanding fish habitat, sustains one of the largest virgin temperate rainforests and some of the largest coniferous tree species on earth. As a result of genetic isolation from glacial periods it contains unique animals and genetic traits not found elsewhere.

I want to highlight this outstanding beauty, biodiversity and uniqueness, in the hopes of encouraging tourism and recognition of the natural wonders to be found here.

This is a project that will actually require a full year. This will be the beginning. Fall into winter, with subsequent travel throughout the rest of the seasons.

Approach, Form and Style

To be developed. A general approach featuring walk details highlighting surrounding landscape with video and photography. Informative voice over narration.


To be developed.

For the purposes of this proposal for this segment of the documentary footage will be shared between PSA, Original Story and Mini Documentary shooting.

Audience, Marketing and Distribution

Audience is anyone interested in traveling the Olympic Peninsula, and with a dog, or just interested in seeing beautiful scenery.

Marketing will include my blog and social media. Video could be released on a DVD or digital format, provided to local establishments and Chamber of Commerce.


Photographer and long time visitor to and resident of the Olympic Peninsula with familiarity of places to go walking by yourself or with your dog. Multimedia student at Peninsula College.